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Originally Posted by RobF View Post

CSFTA Round 2 at Newbury

Newbury was in a fickle mood today, cold but sunny and crisp, but with a flicking wind that took more than many estimated, or sometimes a lot less. Andy and Geoff and the rest of the crew had worked tirelessly, once again, to provide a challenging course, and that's what we got even without the wind. Many thanks to all who helped out.
Fickle indeed the wind was. Even the great big red *** at the top did not help. How can the flag be blowing out to the right but the pellet still go straight .

Enjoyed the shoot, rifle performed will man pulling trigger not so well. Need to find a better pair of shoes/boots to wear that allow the anlke to move to get the foot flat on floor so that I can get a stable position for the down hill shots

See you this weekend, hope you have the wind gods pleased Rob
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