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Default Scope manufacturers

Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
I have used the gun and scope together for the last year, and the more I got to know them both, the more faults I found with the scope!
It's a shame it's not in the manufacturers interest to make a scope that doesnt shift with the temp. And believe me, they could if they wanted to.

You might be right regarding scope manufacturers making a scope that doesnt shift.

There alot of lads out there that use the top kit and yet they still have the same issues. A big problem is the fact that scopes are mass produced and that is why we see a variation in quality of the scopes, I hear that there are some good Mk3 Nikkos and some that aare not as good. Little Jack in our club says his dads is better to use than his?? Might be the fact that dad (Big Jay) wears glasses and has his scope set a little diferrently than Jacks or it could be that Jay's has better quality lenses.

With some many moving/working parts, you are bound to get temp shift, even if it is very minimal or high, the worst I heaard of was Doz's Leup comp in South Africa, due to a part melting or distorting due to the heat he was out by about 14 yards. It was only the last day he recognised how far out he was. That is one of the scopes that people believe is the best for FT. Plus they are not cheap to buy either.

In my opinion you will always get temp shift, it just depends if you can see it easily and read it or not. If your getting alot of temp shift then speak to the suppliers of the scope and see what they can do for you. They might be willing tro have the scope looked at to see what the issues are with the scope???

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