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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
When i was shooting with my Leup 20-50 come winter i always added 5 yards even to the point if i ranged a target at 55 yards i would shoot it on 60yards you really need to use a rifle and scope thro a full year to make a real informed decisiion as to how good your gear is not forgetiing your own abillity the longer you shoot the better you will get sometimes it is like haveing a sixth sense you will put your cross hair somewhere without thinking about it and the target will fallover then if you thought about the shot after you would wonder how you knew where to put the cross hair there.
I have used the gun and scope together for the last year, and the more I got to know them both, the more faults I found with the scope!
It's a shame it's not in the manufacturers interest to make a scope that doesnt shift with the temp. And believe me, they could if they wanted to.
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