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Default My Cunning plan is working, almost

Not the day I expected, but a good one for the Blog.

Very excited about visiting one of my favourite ft grounds meant I was up at 2 am, so set up no 2EV2 + x35 Prem ret Luep. On on the road at 4.45 am and pulling into Dowry hill at 8.10am. Somewhat bemused by how cold it was 1 degree and that theere is Ice on the ground. Wales was much warmer!

Now the plan was this, get there early and thus be one of the first to do the course using no 1Ev2, then perhaps go through again with no 2Ev2, or go to Avon hawks?
Thing is these rather Keen midlanders were up and about and already on the lanes, at 8.10am. by the time I partnered up with Andrew A.Fisher and we got in the que i gues some 30- 40 shooters were ahead of us? Indeed, the superb midland format of 30 targets in the winter saw the first shooters finished by 10.30am. It usually dont stat in Wafta until then

Anyway, back to the Ev2.
Zero was ok, not pellet on pellet but good enough. Thing is with Dowry, I have only shot it twice scoring 17 ( i think) and 21 last winter. Its a cracking course, twists and turns so your always having to read and re-read (guess) the wind.
Target 1, 50yards. Loads of misses on the left and you could see lots of wind out near the target. Wind dropped as i lined up on it, super steady and way goes the pellet.. another miss on the left side.
Tartget 3 the same, this time gave too much. Thus, the same thing happened on 4 further 50+ yard targets. i just could not get the wind on the long ones today. No fault of the Gun, just the plonker pulling the trigger.
Speakinjg of plonkers.
Target 13.
8-9 ish yards inch kill. Easy. I did not bother taking my 50 ft adaptor, left it in the car. Blury target but kill easily viewable. What do i dial? 3-4 will do. Should have been 7-8. Dink, low! Plonker shot.

Then had another moment on the 2 standers. First stander, 22 ish yards, rock stady, holding cross about half inch right of 3 oclock. Feet are in the wrong position, common fault with me.
Pulled the trigger Stupid plonker. So annoyed i just snatched the longer 42 ish yard stander so double dinked.. 3 wasted shots. Took all 4 kneelers, super steady, giving wind on 3 of them so no worries there.

Thinking / reading back over the last few days / sessions its the 50+ that have been causing the misses, so maybe some serious practising on thise?

Thus, plonker score today due to arriving late, it being cold, not having my Ft trousers on, it being windy, hang on, some more will come to me!
Still, it will help bring my Bfta grade down and secure me in a grade for 2011.

Once the plonker shooting was over No1Ev2 Johno rail was sorted so the leaning tower of Pizza riser blocks are off and the scope needs to be re-mounted and markings / dialings checked.

Onto no 2Ev2. Johno rail in red ordered.

Could not group well with it at tondu yesterday so with not much else to do at 2am i set it up in the Wilson stock with no1 Luep.
Although its stuck at 10.2 ft / lbs at the moment i went on the Dowry zero range.
Point proved, i just dont get on with the standard Ev2 stock. even with the Wilson stock which does not fit me like the Gary Cane one, once zeroed at 35m the groups were pellet on pellet. Same for 45m. Bit of spread at 50m but the wind was up. Quite interested to get no2Ev2 into Gary Cane stock and try this week. No2Ev2 when powered up is liley to become No 1Ev2, which means i need another Gary Cane Stock for No 1 Ev2?

Practise is the key though, got to get used to the Ev2-1,2, whichever

and to top off a cr ap score i am now covered in some sort of rash all on my arms, back and neck. Might by some Ev2 allergy?
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