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  • S200 .22 (because Jamie Oliver's evil twin told me to buy it)
  • Logun Solo .177 x2 (because nobody else had one and I wanted to be different - first one wouldn't group under 2" at 35 yards, the second, a warranty replacement, I never trusted)
  • S400 .177 (because everyone else had one and I wanted to belong!)
  • Pro Target Mk2 Carbine Mk3 reg .177 (because it's sexy and green )

  • Hawke HD (because it was all I could afford)
  • Hawke Nite Eye (because I knew no better)
  • Hawke Sidewinder (see above)
  • Bushnell Elite 3200 10x40 (because it looked so manly!)
  • Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x40 (because John Rees told me he'd respect me more if I bought one!)
  • MTC Viper 10x44 (because Gary was so charming and handsome! )
  • EB Sniper 10x42 (because maybe if I shave my head, practice my "look you"s and "by y'er"s I'll shoot better! )

I hadn't realised I'd had that many scopes! Just wish my scores justified my experimentation.

Current: Pro Target + EB Sniper
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