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It's hard to explain because I don't know the English technical language but the keyword is the 'Statically Determinate Structure'. If we meet personally and I can make some drawings I explain it to you with pleasure. The barrel and the blocks are totally connected with some grub screws. The external movings of the supports (e.g. movings of the airtank from heat or pressure) can move the barrel but can not induce forces in it. And the moving happens always together with the scope so we don't mind it, while the relation between the scope body and the muzzle remains the same.

What I'm saying is only, that my two pictures are the same. Of course there are very small differences but in the shooting practice we can totally ignore them. I'm not interested in differences which may mean 0.1 mm on 50 meters even if these differences really exists. So my double support is practically equal with a long breech block, even if it sounds a bit strange.
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