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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
I think, Will, this is partly only playing with the words. My solution works and acts like a free floated barrel and this is what I wanted to. And I know very sure that two close supports are the same as one long fixed support, viewed from even only 1 mm further... So if you say that my pic nr1 is a free floated barrel then why isn't it my pic nr2? It is after the secondry scope mounting block, however if the barrel is clamped at two discreet points be they 10mm or 100mm apart that section is not floated and is suseptable to external influances affecting the resonant frequency of that barrel and so changing its charicteristics for a given set of conditionsYou can build both and you'll find practically no difference in their working method. Or I go any further: if you take the original breech block support which is about 3 cm long. If you saw into the middle so it will be two 1.5 cm wide supports beneath each other, what will happen? Or with a wider saw so 1 cm support, 1 cm hole and one cm support again? This will stay the same type of support for the barrel if you look at it from outside. The nature of the support is not the issue but that the barrel is supported at one point.

But I can then make my meaning more exact: the point is that the barrel is free floated after the scope is mounted on it.Think we're agreed on this point
My comments are in bold. Hope this clears up my thoughts
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