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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
Chris, this is a free floating barrel in the mechanical meaning of the free floating.
Imagine that the front part of the breech block is much longer, not 1-2 cms but 10-12.
See a photoshopped image:

This part holds the barrel and the scope sits only on this part, too.
And the barrel has no more support after this so it can't be affected by any heat expansion of the stock.
What do you say, is this a free floating barrel or not?
And does anything change if we take out a part from the long breech block?

My solution on the FWB is exactly this, my A-clamp has became an extended part of the breech block
and the barrel is totally free after this point.
Andras from what I understand "free floating" refers to a barrel supported at one point only i.e. the breech. Your first picture may be a free floating system as it is supported at one point even if it is an extended breech block. The second picture may be free floating or may be semi free floating depending if the the secondry scope mounting block is physically attached to the barrel. If the barrel runs freely through the secondry mounting block and does not connect to it then the entire length of the barrel is floated, however if the barrel is connected to this block, and the block is somehow connected to the air tube (even if it sits on the tube) then it forms a mechanical support and the barrel is only floated forward of this point i.e. semi floated. This I think is what i'm looking at, please enlighten me further if i havn't quite gasped the concept.

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