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Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
ive seen your p70 and wot i can see you hav moved the barrel support 150mm back towards the trigger,in my eyes that is not a floating barrel you hav just moved the support,free floating meens from the block and no support any where up the barrel,on a p70 u cant free float because it does not hav anoth meat around the block to hold it secure
Chris, this is a free floating barrel in the mechanical meaning of the free floating.
Imagine that the front part of the breech block is much longer, not 1-2 cms but 10-12.
See a photoshopped image:

This part holds the barrel and the scope sits only on this part, too.
And the barrel has no more support after this so it can't be affected by any heat expansion of the stock.
What do you say, is this a free floating barrel or not?
And does anything change if we take out a part from the long breech block?

My solution on the FWB is exactly this, my A-clamp has became an extended part of the breech block
and the barrel is totally free after this point.
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