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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
I've free floated the barrel of my FWB and also on Aggie's old CZ-200, and her new MPR is going to be free floated soon. It was done on my own way, let it call a 'supported floating' which has been working very fine in the practice, no POI-shifts any more but the barrel is held massive enough.

I simply can't understand the engineers of the rifle factories, why is each air rifle produced with fixed barrels?!?
ive seen your p70 and wot i can see you hav moved the barrel support 150mm back towards the trigger,in my eyes that is not a floating barrel you hav just moved the support,free floating meens from the block and no support any where up the barrel,on a p70 u cant free float because it does not hav anoth meat around the block to hold it secure
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