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floating a barrel simply removes any external force applied to it from the air cylinder or the stock , a floated barrel sits in its natural position and will "spring" back to that position consistently, so if you zero the rifle then remove the barrel clamp and find your zero has shifted, then yes the rifle will generally benefit from floating it!
there is some speculation that the diffeing air pressures in the cylinder can cause the cylinder to distort relative to a given pressure or temp, then there is how well the stock letting holds the action, whether it skews the action at all?
in my own experience its totally dependant on the rifles build, my HW100 benefitted from floating the barrel by removing the o-ring from the clamp, my sons MPR saw no difference?
just bear in mind one thing if your worried about leaving the barrel floated, everybreak action springer has a floating barrel which is also used to cock the rifle so if a slightly larger diameter barrel can take all that heaving and bending and still return to its original position then I dont think we need worry too much about not having a barrel clamp on a precharge!
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