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Ok, who's had a go at this then?

The idea of a pint and a shoot in the same place sounds good to me
I used to do both 6yd @ paper targets (Rugby and district league) and also Bell targets with the Bedworth and Nuneaton Leagues back in the 70's-80's.
We used to shoot in pubs/clubs on Weekday evenings one was on a Tuesday, the other Thursday. It was completely free standing, the only aids used were a glove for the resting hand, a tight-fitting Taylor made jacket, baseball type cap with a really long peak which had side flaps and a patch to blank off the non-shooting eye.

I think there were six persons per team, each shooting twice (two groups of 5 shots). 1st man from away team, then 1st man from home team etc. The match was split into two halves, the home team supplying a few sandwiches for the half-time break.
The bell plate was painted with a white non-drying paint of some description and any marks were painted out and the bell re-set by the scorer between shots. There were grooves cut into the plate to denote the scoring. 5 for a bell, 4 between the hole and 1st groove, 3 between 1st & 2nd groove etc.

In those days the guns used were mainly Feinwerkbeau 300, 300S; 300SU or Walther in .177 and were restricted to 7ftlb. I dread to think what the ricochets would be like off the bell plate with a 12ftlb gun

It was very enjoyable and also a very sociable sport. I am somewhat sad to see it has all but died out.
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