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Default I agree fella

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
As i have said many times Berty i have not got a problem with 15mm kills providing common sense is used but if some stupid **** decides to put 1 at 25 yards in the black of calcutta i do not want to know it is FIELD TARGET not HIDE AND SEEK common sense must prevail it is a shooting sport with the aim of hitting a target not a sport to see if you can actually find the killl.

Im with you on that, thats why I said about the targets not being higher than say 10 feet from the ground height wise. I agree on target placement as well, a dark area would make it a lottery shot.

With regards to the target placements, might be an idea to put in the rules that the 15mm kills targets are placed in open area to prevent the shot being to dark to see the kill zone etc.

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