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Default 15mm kill dilemma

Well lads, Im suprised to say that there seems to be alot of people who do not want 15mm kills involved in the courses.

I take on all the points regarding targets being shot up etc I understnd that, personally when I have shot 15mm kills that have been shot to hell even to 25 yards it is clear to see the kill from the plate. That was before I bought my new scope as well before anyone asks.

The only time I have found them difficult to see is when I have shot them in hft, when youre shooting on 8-10 mag and the plate is shot up, they are hard to see if your aiming in the right spot.

My idea of adding these targets being involved in the courses was to pull the range average in slightly throughout the course as some courses are ridiculous for having to have all their targets right out there.

Lads if the thought of shooting a 15mm kill at 25 yards worry you then a 40mm kill at 55 yards should do the same. I havent asked for a higher percentage of mini kills in the courses just to have 2 of these kills sizes added. I never thought they would kick up this much of a fuss honestly.....

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