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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Funnily enough though didnt miss a huge amount (even with having to give everything at least 2 kills for wind!) after then!
Its when you aim edge of kill on a 40mm at 15yds and miss by a kill the other side you know its windy Seen it done at one of our Winter League shoots 10years ago and that was after the shooter had asked us to push the targets out a bit further because they were 'to close'.

I think a top score of 12/30 proved the point especially as most never even got into double figures. Never seen so many people glad to just hit the face plates at 35yds. After the shoot a few had a go at a 45yd target and got an average windage of 10" to get near the kill zone and that was after the wind had died down a little.
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