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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post

We have the WAFTA meeting on the 11th which I will be at and the BFTA meeting on the 29th.

I have siad it for ages for th GP shooters to attend as it makes life easier for me with ideas I have to put forward and ideas people have asked me to propose. I wont be proposing other peoples ideas any longer they have a voice as well and they can stand up for themselves for a change.

I would like more big names who got ideas to be at the meetings, saldy they cant be arsed or bothered which is a shame as they are involved in the sport in a big way...

Problem is with many voices, is many differing views. You know how long it takes with just 9 or so around the table. The structure below the reps takes time to work as well, depending on how many clubs you have putting a voice in, and how many members you have in those clubs placing their opinion in for the club to propose to the region, for the region to propose to the association.

Can't think of a way around it... it's either a fast moving dictatorship, or a slower moving system with more voice of everyone. Don't think either way is perfect.

Just imagine jumping that up a level to say the world's scene...

Can't make the next meeting either as it sits the day before a winter league... that's another problem with meetings, time. There's just not enough of the bloody stuff these days it seems...

We can only do what we can do fella, i'm sure there's some that could do more, and some that wish they didn't feel like they had to do so much. But those that do shouldn't forget that they have the respect of others, even if it's not mentioned. You can't please all, all the time, but at least you can't have the **** taken out of you for trying... we'll just have to rely on your shooting to keep us amused
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