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Default Meetings

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I shall be brining these and many other ideas up at Wafta Berty dont worry.
As you say, what we need is the imput from gp shooters.
Just thaught i would post some of my ideas having read back through the post and see what other GP shooters think. Bfta meetting is going to be here soon, so lets see if anything is on the cards?
I may even come to this one with you?

We have the WAFTA meeting on the 11th which I will be at and the BFTA meeting on the 29th.

I have siad it for ages for th GP shooters to attend as it makes life easier for me with ideas I have to put forward and ideas people have asked me to propose. I wont be proposing other peoples ideas any longer they have a voice as well and they can stand up for themselves for a change.

I would like more big names who got ideas to be at the meetings, saldy they cant be arsed or bothered which is a shame as they are involved in the sport in a big way...

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