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Default Footing rule


Your wrong on this incident fella, look at your pic and see that Derk's muzzle is behind his lading foot, that means that his muzzle is behind the line which is illegal.

With the new ruling his rifle would be safely over the line and his trigger behind it. Look at such people as Holly using his bullpup, technically he is breaking the rule having the muzzle behind the shooting line. That is the safety issue we are looking at.

How can it be difficult for people to have the line between the muzzle and trigger. It makes it easier to marshal as well when you think about it.

With regards to other rule changes the BFTA have proposed, people really need to listen when I say if you have a point you want discussed then speak or send an email to your regional rep and they can then put it forward. It isnt hard, these people also shoot and DONT BITE when you ask!!!!!!!!!!!

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