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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Hi all,
these are the proposed changes to the GP series 2011

The following four adjustments will be made, subject to ratification at the EGM in January 2011, to the BFTA Grand Prix rules.
In the 50 target course:
1) There must be two 15mm hit zone targets set out to a maximum distance of 25 yards.
2) There must be three lanes designated kneeling. (The combined distance of the two targets in each lane must not exceed 70 yards per lane).
3) There must be two lanes designated standing. (The combined distance of the two targets in each lane must not exceed 60 yards per lane).
4) There must be eight 25mm hit zone targets set out to a maximum distance of 35 yards.

Please let your regional reps know your views.

The following rules were accepted at the AGM for 2011 for all BFTA shoots.

regards Shaun (ex BFTA Secretary).
Originally Posted by Neil View Post
My proposal would be that the individual target of any discipline shot cannot be more than 45 yards away, the same as it is now, the rule which was introduced several years ago to stop outlandish distance on standing and kneeling, it doesn't need dumming down.
I personally think there should be more standing and kneeling shots, ten of each on a fifity shot G.P. course. This still leaves thirty shots to be taken sitting, and would take care of the dead zone below forty yards.

Kind of like the idea of a couple more diaplines, say we have a "maximum" of 3 lanes of each, minimum of 1 lane of each.

Up to course setter then if they set 2 kneelers + standers, 4 or 6? Keep it balanced.

I think with disaplines an average of 35 yards per target should be set. ie. Course setter is going to have 4 kneelers + 4 standers. He / she decides that one lane will have a 37 and 43 yard target. thus, the other lane the combined disatnce of both targets is going to be 60 yars, so could be for example 25 + 35?

I dont like the "must" have idea of 8 reducers. I would prefere say "a maximum of 8 reducers, but a minimum of 4 reducers (25ml) which can be set from 8 -35 yards.
Again though i would like 25 ml kills out to 40 yards.
The 15 ml kills i think out to 25 yards will not take many marks of the majority of gp shooters. Maybe 25 yards this season and look at pushing them 30 yards next year?

If the timing rules is going to be changed, is an area going to be needed to show where the shooting position is so its clear when the clock should be started?
I like the idea of big clocks and suggested this to Tony earlier this year. I am sure the Bfta can afford 25 such things
At least then as a shooter you can see the clock running down. I find not knowing how much time i have left more of a distraction than the time itself.

This change of rule about foot over the line. Is it not going to be quite hard for Derk (see below) to get into the correct position given his short distance between muzzel and trigger. Guess there are other guns to where its going to be differcult to get the line between both?
Personally i don think the current foot over the line rule needs changing?

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