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Default PMII version

Originally Posted by wiseguy View Post
In what way is the FT version different from the PM2 version, as both have the same magnification range and objective diameter? They have different internals?
For me it is important to have decent rangefinding between 40-55 yards.
Can I achive the same using the PM2 version?
I am unsure on the variation on building the 2 scopes but the PMII appears to have better lenses than the FT. The FT seems to vary from scope to scope which is a worry for me if I was going to buy 1. S&B's sales would be more for the other types of sports they supply scopes to. FT is a tiny part of their sales, so looking at that they have set up the PMII to their top spec and ensure that as the sales of these would be higher they use better lenses in them and keep the quality high. This is just my opinion as I have never heard anyone complain about the PMII scope???

I could be wrong though

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