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Originally Posted by Lavant_Lad View Post
Last November I attended a Winter League FT round at Pontefract ARC.
There was a guy there,an A grade shooter I went around with him in fact, using an AR20 ft to good effect 26/30 could of been 27 cannot remember now.
He had made his own wooden bits to replace the plastic parts, and topped it off with a Big Nikko.
The guy said he would rather use the AR20 than his 2 Evo,s and it had been no problem unlike the Evo,s.
So it looks like they are a force watched in the future.
Thsnks for that post lavant thats good to know , i was hoping id found a diamond in the rough at 650 i was thinking surely this is to good to be true but the way it shot and felt im glad i went with it happy plinkin
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