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Default Comparison

Originally Posted by Richard Shaw View Post
RRP for a FT Schmidt is 2291.95 + 113.95 for the side wheel + 41.95 for a sunshade.

RRP for a 12-50x56 PMII is 2148.95 + 38.95 for a sunshade. (FT side wheel fits if needed).

Speaking from experience, I too would avoid the FT version like the plague. Early days with the PMII but results so far are promising and feedback is positive. I need to try the PMII over a range of temperatures before passing judgement. I also need to compare it side by side to a March...........

I am stunned that the PMII is cheaper than the FT scope. I tried a 25 mag PMII years ago and thought it was brilliant to use.

With regards to comparing scopes, I am hoping to get upto 1 of the NEFTA w/l's soon, if your there, maybe we could shoot together and shoot the 2 together fella. Just a thought thats all???

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