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Hi Rob, both reticles on the website are shown in real size. The FOV is about 1.5 times wider than the Big Nikko's Field-of-view. Everybody's using the FT2 reticle, because this is the only FT-compatible from the three types. I've been struggling for months to let replace my f**king FT3 reticle to an FT2. So think it twice if you'd like to have the FT3...

The FT2 reticle is simple and useful. If you're shooting at 50x mag then the dots have the perfect size (on an 50 meters target, viewed on 50x one dot is 2 cms and the line thickness covers 0.5 mms). The FT3 reticle is designed for shooting at 25x mag so it sucks if you don't like to turn down the mag for every shot. The dot distance is the half than the FT2 dots, on 50 ms at 50x one dot is 1 cm and the line thickness only 0.25 cm! And the picture is full with annoying little divisions, great for rangefinding but you'll hate them while aiming.

So my advice is: strictly only FT2 type and illuminated!

If you really want to buy an S&B scope (think it twice man) I think some European guys would sell their ones with pleasure, so don't pay more than one thousand quids for a Schmidt. And buy a good thermometer, too...
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