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Originally Posted by wiseguy View Post
as here a lot of good FT shooters can be found, I tought this might be a good place to ask a question regarding the S&B 12.5-5-x56 FT scope.
Does someone know what reticle is common used in these scopes for FT?
I found these on the German S&B website and am a bit puzzled on the Sport FT3 reticle compared to the Sport FT2 reticle. Is this FT3 the correct size of the mildot FT reticle or are there others that can be choosen.
Any information is appreciated, thanks in advance.
Hi in my one I have the FT3L the only other 1 I have looked through FT2 and I must say I liked it more as it was less crowded/busy.Am not sure on the mil dots as I don't use them , I do know on 1st focal scope they relate to a 40mm kill on 50 mag at 50 meters. Not all the ret shown on the web site were made.The booklet that came with my scope is no use at all as is for the PM 2 5x25
Cheers Don
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