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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
As more come onto the circuit i'm sure the wood masters will be getting geared up to make grips, cheekpeices and hamsters out of walnut or laminate. As for the cocking roughness from reports it does seem to sort out and smoothen, and sure that its nothing a bit of polishing and tuning can't sort out. Triggers are very personal, myself prefering a very light 1st stage, "hitting a wall" at an appreciably heavier (in comparrison) 2nd stage, 2nd stage travel being set very short. Back to the topic in hand sounding so far like the makings of an effective FT tool, liking too the idea of it being fairly heavy, so that using a big nikko with it will not make it feel top heavy.
im definately hoping they coe outa the wood work pardon the pun and make somthing that would further enhance this rifle the only thing i think lacking is a nice walnut touch ,the walthger scope 8-32x56 set on a small incline .5 degree's is erm well its ok i suppose but theres a lot better that'll do the job but for 650 hard earned pennies and with its accuracy and amount of adjustables its gota get more people into the sport and that is worth a mention the fastest growing sport in the uk now soon to overtake the ufc ( i hope) im still and i think will always love this rifle my first sorta none traditional air gun my wife asked me its me or the rifle " i dont alf miss her" hahah
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