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Originally Posted by ian77efc View Post
Yes the cocking is very tough to get going but after a day of cocking and more cocking and so on and so forth it loosend a great deal the trigger pull is very sharp out the box not my cup of tea with what seems like no sencond stage travel but you can adjust it on 3 axis so its not hard to get it to suit your needs ,im thinking myself of the 97 its defo a great rifle ,yeah the plastic parts are a little say erm cheaper looking but i dont mind there look or feel ,
As more come onto the circuit i'm sure the wood masters will be getting geared up to make grips, cheekpeices and hamsters out of walnut or laminate. As for the cocking roughness from reports it does seem to sort out and smoothen, and sure that its nothing a bit of polishing and tuning can't sort out. Triggers are very personal, myself prefering a very light 1st stage, "hitting a wall" at an appreciably heavier (in comparrison) 2nd stage, 2nd stage travel being set very short. Back to the topic in hand sounding so far like the makings of an effective FT tool, liking too the idea of it being fairly heavy, so that using a big nikko with it will not make it feel top heavy.
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