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You may have been missing something about yourself rather than it being the rifle mate.
Half the battle when it comes to shooting well is your state of mind, if you think something is not right with your kit (no matter if there is or not) you will not perform as well as usual .
I used to have an S400 in an MPR stock which was as good as they come...for an Air Arms
But I just fell out with it and my scores took a real nosedive.
I bought the Mk3 and my scores went straight back up even more to where they had been with the Air Arms which sounds kinda where you are now.
I've found since though that I can put in a really good score then a few shoots later I'll do really bad even with the Mk3.
It's never the rifle and is always me.....either not concentrating because I'm tired or have something on my mind or just simply that I've got complacent and am using rubbish trigger technique or something like that.
Instead of trying different stuff with the MPR try going back to basics with your shooting first and make sure it's not something that you're doing different as human error is normally 95% of the problem 99% of the time.

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