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Default First impressions

Firdst impressions count?

Not if you drive as fast off road as you do on the road and know your windage out.

I did not bother checking windage before my first bash at a Ft course with the GCEV2 today and it took 20 ish target to work out windage was out at least 4 (1/4 ) clicks

I can only think the (cheap) riser on riser set up is not the best option and hope to have this sorted and replaced soon. May need to move the scope back 1-2 mmm too?

Once windage was sorted it was, especially on the 2nd time round the course another case of "How do you miss with an Ev2" (i did manage it 7 times through wicked wind lol)
The balance is perfect, took all 8 kneelers today though did pull 3 out of 8 standers high, so maybe need to look at althering the butt hook for standers.
Sitters were so steady at times I just sat there to see how long I could hold the cross hair in one place, eventually running out of puff myself lol!

Good first session / 80 Ft target comp under belt and looking good for 2011?
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