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Default 2011 Tondu Gp Team practise session 1

All in Jest

Thanks to Ft God we had the opertunity to run the Tondu Gp team through its paces for the first time.

Places may be open!

Anyway, good day out, nice tea and buscuits, great course which may well pop up as the wafta gp course in a year or two?

Ex 40 shot, we had a 15 ml out at 23 yards which i dont think was too much trouble, unless your windage is out lol.

Couple of results and photographs

Round one

Big Mike "Ft god" Williams = 35 ( Realtree Lannyman Walther)
Peter "Walterhs are rubbish" Jacob = 32 (Ev2)
Dave "my hands are too cold" Gage = 27 (Styer Lg100)
Simon "my windage is out at lreast 4 clicks" Evans = 24 (Gary Cane Ev2)
Mathew "At least I am not going to be last" Cooke = 22 (Ev2)
Derk "I wish I had a propper gun" Bendon - No Card (Weegun 100)

Great 1st round in very tricky wind by the Big man using the Stunning Realtree Lannyman Walther for the first time (i believe).

Peter was happy enough i believe and there was no sign of the walther.

Dave Gage started well but fell off the pace as arthritus set in?

I started ok, hit first 3 then missed 4 in a row including a 27yd 1 inch kill? This went on for about half the course and when i missed the 23 yd 15ml kill half inch right i knew the windage was out. So, serves me right for not checking Zero. Adjusted 4 clicks and was happy enough to only drop 6 in 2nd half of course, especially as the shooter just behind me had made the mistake of saying...........

"At least I am not going to have the lowest score today." Now Mathew is a nice lad, keen but young and inexperienced. ie. If you say such a thing, particually when i am next to you and 12 down compared to your 8 down, you better make sure you dont drop another 10 shots!
needless to say Mathew was on suicide watch while sweet tea was dished out after the opening round.

Round 2 ding ding.

Big Mike "Ft God" Williams = 39 ( Super Walther)
Simon "I can hit them if my windage is right" Evans = 33 (Gary Cane Ev2)
Peter "Mr Consistant - still no sign of a Walther" Jacob = 32 (Ev2)
Mathew "What you mean you have to clean an Ev2 barrel" Cooke = 28 (Ev2)
Dave "my guns not got enough air and i missed 8 out first 12" Gage = no card (Styer Lg100)
Derk "Rapid fire now you owe mike 5 for paint" Bendon - No Card (Weegun 100)

Cant fault Big Mikes shooting on rd 2. Taking a suggestion of trying the butt hook in a slightly different position he nailed the positionals and it has to be said thats one nice walther. Think it wise if I dont shoot it again lol
My 2nd round was much better, took all kneelers (hit all 8 today) and only pulled one stander in rd 2. Maybe i should take my own advise and try standers with the butt hoook moved? I dropped 3 long ish targets late in the course where the wind had changed and pellets went Right, got to be said this really is a wicked FT course.
Peter was consistant and no dought happy with the Ev2?
Cant say Mathew Was but it turns out he has not cleraned his barrel for some time? I pointed out mine needs it every 200 shots or so? Still, much improved rd, but still got lots to learn?

All in all, good day, cheap day so thanks to Big Mike once again.

Derk was just pleased that he has made it to 2011 and despite having taking the Weegunn 100 apart it still works!

The lads set off for rd 1

Looking like 3 Garden Gnomes in their various Hoodies

While I was happy even though i missed and my top does not match my Gun

could be worse, could have huge flares and not hit much

Nice to see John V thomas out and about, though not sure by the look on Johns face where Daves hand is?

Peter seems happy with the Ev2??

But it was Big Mikes day with his super Realtree Lannyman Walther

Very nice

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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