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An interesting perspective would be to look at it on cost/benefit basis.

For someone new to the sport, is the purchase of the AR20 FT going to be a good return by comparison to a Steyr or EV2. We know all the axioms about top rifles not making you a better shooter overnight,.....but considering I can buy three AR20's for the cost of a Steyr here in NZ, or four for the price of an EV2 (if there were any available) is the Steyr/EV2 that many times better?

I don't think its "as good" but may be close. But when you are looking for your own personal "feel good factor" and buy a Steyr or EV2 or Walther Dom, you are prepared to spend a bit more, and may walk past the I right or wrong? How many have these great and costly rifles and then proceed to "customise" and spend yet more on stocks and modifications to make them suit?

So cost is not the basis of choice really, not when you have been in the sport for a while. Well, least cost is not the deciding factor unless you are recently destitute like But then I already have a Steyr FT and would not change it now. Everything elsein my life can suffer cutbacks, but not my FT! (Am I addicted?)

I think it will catch a part of the market for sure. Which part only time will tell, and of course, its results in capable hands. Jury is still out on the AR20........

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