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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Just thought i will see if any further information has surfaced since this ???? ;

The FT Worlds 2011 will be held on 9 to 11 September in Velo d’Astico, a small town close to Vicenza, in north east side of Italy.

45° 47’ 39,41’’ N
11° 21’ 16,81’’ E

The place of the contest is less than 9 km far from a highway by wich it is possible to reach Venice (and Venezia or Treviso airports) in an hour and Verona (and Villafranca airport) in an hour and a half.

The Milano Malpensa airport is 250 km far from Velo d’Astico.

More information here:

Any news on permits ? Airports & flights ? Hotels ? etc etc

Found this old thread on the subject ;

Just a thought ?


The information i posted here was from the prior thread also high lighted on my previous post.

Maybe someone from the Italian Federation can acctually confirm dates etc ?

Or maybe someone who does know of any updated information ?

I realise it is still 9 months away.

Sorry if i have posted any incorrect information maybe it can be corrected if required.

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