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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Spanner in works

My Co - Driver is banned from going away so its a solo trip?
Then the offer of a 40 shot Ft course pops up just 12 miles from home.

As such, I may not be making ther trip now??

If i dont make it, which looks the way I have to say then i wish all a good day out and I`ll eat keep the Hobnobs for another time? Plenty of opertunity to whoop Holly coming up.

You cant drop the gauntlet and then pull out. If I wasnt going to Treetops as previously planned then Id fancy a trip down as cant remember if Ive shot Springfield before.

Holly, I think you got him running already fella. I would have had a pound on Holly myself, he got the grit between his teeth for Simon I think.

Would have ben nice to see the scores though. Shame Simon is letting another club down to stay close to home bless him....

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