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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
just out of interest what other rifles have you shot?
the hammerli ar20 in good hands is capable of delivering good scores on the hft and ft scene so far ive had over 2000 shots through mine and nothing in the action or ft lbs has changed once a month i chrony 100 shots and have found nothing worth mentioning in the results , in answer to your question ive shot the recently ) hw 100 mk 4 grand prix evo 2 and i went with the intention to buy the mk4 but after shooting for a little while with the hammerli ar20 i felt that was the right rifle for me it has great charecteristics and a good balanced feel to it the weight suits my shooting style and ive not had one complaint yet with my rifle im sure though its all abou what makes the shooter comfortable its an individual choice not all the top class rifles suit everyone id quite happily go into a competition with my old air arms sport and hope to do well with it its not all about the rifle ste ;0)
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