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Default Micky .

Talking of stock bolts . the late mick dawes was always handing out advice ( he must have thought i needed it ? ) anyway one of em was to loosen the stock bolt . avoids zero changes if the stock expands or contracts . so anyway , i thought i will try that . trouble being that i shoot a bull pup with the stock bolt in the middle of the action . if you loosen the stock bolt and then push your cheek down on the cheekpiece . it pushes the back of the action down and the barrel goes up in the air . dohhhhh . ah well i tried . good to hear that the gun is coming together now . won't be long before you will be winning the big ones i am sure . all are welcome at our shoot sunday .( bit far to come ) the snag being is that you will have to sit all the way back up the M4 after being thrashed by my old GC2 thinking . perhaps i should sell one of the NJRs and get a GC2 ??? HOLLY
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