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Originally Posted by skeet_200 View Post
Thanks guys. I had read elsewhere that if you send the scope back to Leupold, they remove both the booster AND the reticle - whether you want them to or not!

What i would like to do (if it's feasible) is to get the booster removed, but keep the excellent ladder reticle.

i don't want to send it to Leupold - that way I would just end up with a standard VariX III. As Holly says, I could just sell mine and replace it with a standard scope if I wanted to do this.
Hi Skeet the fact is Leupold will not touch your scope in its boosted form, however premier reticles who did the modification on your scope will remove the booster thus turning it into a standard 6.5-20 or 8.5-25 depending on the model, the question is why would you want to remove the booster because this will mean that the reticle will not work properly because it is designed round the magnifiaction IE probably made to work at 40mag so it will not work with correct increments at 20mag.
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