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Default My EV2 at Last

So finally after Xmas flu I got out today.

After the misfitting Rail the gun needed re-zeroing which took only a few minutes and the first session with what I can at last say feels like "my" Ev2 got under way.

Had to make a few adjustments on the Gemini and that will probably be the case in coming sessions? However, it was good to be using it again, best butt hooks by far.

First thing i noticed is neither upright thumb "slot" is right for me. The right side one is way off, uncomftable to use and just not feeling correct.
The left side one is usuable, but a single one in the middle of the 2 would have been perfect. The Thumbhole however is spot on and thats my favourite position / resting place for my thumb with the Njr.

The trigger feels all wrong, made a couple of adjustments but it dont feel right. I think the blade is at too much of an angle and 1st stage is too long.

Looking at the stock, its not far off the size of my Njr stock which suited my specs, though it does look short compared to other stocks. However, the proof was in the pudding as they say and sitting it felt nice and balanced.
It did not take long to find the natural position and once set up it was effortless to get the stock in the same position every time i moved "lanes" with out having to look at Cant etc. So, I think the stock fits, I`ll wear it.

The trigger really was a pain today but overall from the sitting position, 15 ml at 25 yards, 25mm at 35 yards and full at 50 + 55 were no problem, least, after the first 30 odd pellets when the "feel" of the gun started to come in.

So the big test, Standers and kneelers.

I did kneelers first as it does not involve doing my coat up Very impressed witht he balance and absolutly rock steady. I have adjusted my stance slightly after looking at photos i had taken of various shooters such as Calpin. So, with a little bit more of a backward lean the kneelersr were no probs. Even did the 15 ml at 20 yards 3 ex 3. Really is nice on the kneelers.

Time for button attack. Several nights of sweating due to the flu have had some benificial results as apposed to putting on weight over Xmas, I have lost it. Managed 3 buttons and did not even have to breath in lol Must keep it up, or off?
Anyway, standers. No point messing about i thinks so go for 40m + 35m full kills. Ok, not as rock steady as the kneelers, but balance spot on and down went the kills with confidence. So much so i took the inch kill too at 25 yards no bother. Repeated at shorter ranges and the only standders i missed were down to snatching the trigger, so got to sort that one out.
Yep, this seems a very well set up stock especially for kneelers and standers.

Still not sure a Red action would suit the stock beter but for now its ready to find some more targets. Maybe Nelson Saturday or somewhere further afield on Sunday?
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