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Thanks Rob

I think we had 11 or 12 at the first course; there were 11 on the second one, and this one had 13. It was to have been 15 but two pulled out a few days ago as they had work commitments.

There is some scope for rewriting parts of the BFTA technical skills manual; the section on law needs updating, and personally I'd like to see the section on wind doping give some practical help; too often we hear that reading the wind is a craft to be learnt by experience, implying that there is nothing that can be done except get out there and make your mistakes. What is needed is guidance; having read the wind, or come to the conclusion that it is running at about 5mph from a 2 o'clock direction, where should the aim point be? That kind of information is absent.

Shebbear is pretty remote from what others call civilisation, but such considerations lead to self-sufficiency - which is why we have most of the things needed for such a course readily to hand.
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