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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Your quite right, especially where your concerned, no one is better than me!

I approach each course saying to myself I can clear this. I am glad i dont as I would have to give up then lol!
I think I should do better this year, that is if I gell with the new kit between now and April? Hope to do lots of practising when the weather allows. Just at the moment feel so rusty I think if I make it to Nelson tomorrow 10-14 ex 20 would be a start lol.
I will set a hopefully realistic goal of maintaining a AA avergae % through the 2011 Gp series. Even though I am in A grade
I look forward to some good shoots this year and a few laughs . one of which will be beating you . yep it ain't all about winning . but it helps ??? HOLLY PS roll on summer . PSS one of my troubles is that the gotta win bit has worn off .if i stuck to my shutz . yes i can still get the results . but it is so much more fun trying to get the old GC2/NJR up to speed and trying to stick it to the top boys with em . yep like i say . roll on summer
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