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I must say Rich, I was most impressed with the organisation of the event. Your getting the knack for this (your 3rd course... how many is have been trained on your courses now?)

I could have spent 100x more time chatting to Bob about shooting... 5 mins before lunch he ran over his training experience, and I couldn't believe how much he'd packed into 17 years coaching... and I had trouble thinking about how much one could achieve if they deliberately set out to achieve what he has done.

Another thing that came out of the day was the amount of coaches available to run these courses, so I hope people don't feel that it's a limited resource, as both Dave and Bob were keen to emphasise to me that there's plenty of opportunity to get these courses running.

To be honest, I think there's room for a course in between instructor and coach. There's a hell of a lot to squeeze into 2 days for the instructor's course, and some info is probably a little advanced in my opinion for people to take on from scratch (it was a reminder to me how much i'd learnt since that course 4 years ago). You could probably spend another 2 days going into detail on the FT specifics beyond the 4 basic principles etc + info covered on this course.
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