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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Just a thought for the coming season and the FT heroes of shooting the breeze . number one of course must be berty . very close last year , but no banana , got the kit this year so no excuses . trouble is there are at leat 10 others who could do it . can berty stand the pressure ? if he does well . applause . BUT if he does not with his new kit . then he is DOOMED . plus the birds of prey will be on him like a rat up a drain pipe . then comes the ripped jean kid . all the gear and plenty of ideas . yep he could do it , maybe . he won the showdown . but that is a day shoot . wham bam thank you mam . the GPs are a season of pressure . can he hack it and will his standers take the pressure . WE WILL be watching . then of course let us not forget . old wassisname , ermmmm . oh yeah piemanlarget , aka NJR . ake EV2 .aka simon . he should be up into AA grade by now . he has the best kit money can buy . does the practice . has the confidence .says he cannot miss . but 43s will not do it this year in AA grade to make that top ten . gotta be in the 45s and up to trouble berty and the boys . can he raise his game . yep gonna be interesting . specially if the boys fail . i am sharpening my pen as i speak . opening my tub of vitrol . getting out my hanky's ready to wipe away the tears . oh yes ??? HOLLY
Holly this sounds like more ******** and baracking than even the Ausie's can dish up...Berty is gonna be the man next year...or are we gonna see even more pathetic pic's than we saw of him when he just missed out..I don't think so...GO BERTY...GO BERTY
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