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Default Pellet Consistency Problems

Has anyone else found a grouping problem with the latest Air Arms pellets ?

I have been using Air Arms pellets (4.52) for two years with no real problems being noted, however the latest batch purchased are not grouping anywhere near as well as previous batches.

The problem batch has label details as follows :- 260 3010 4.52 58

I still have one tin of my previous (good) batch, label details are :- 020 1303 4.52 68

It definintly appears to be the pellets causing the problem as during tests, switching the pellet batches causes the problem to come and go accordingly, itis most definintly not me or the gun (Steyr LG110FT) I am told by my pellet supplier that he has not had any other similar reports.

Am I on my own here, or is there someone else with the same problem, but dosen't realise it !!

John Waterfield
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