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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post

Even on xmas day ur there to TRY and help anyone out. Im suprised u havnt said to go 4 a leup etc?

Regarding the last bit thankfully i hav neva been in the position to walk in on any1 whilst they r changing and then try and change the story haha.

Berty if you had seen the young lady concerned you would be gutted to that you were not there . as for scopes . really if starting off . you just cannot beat a good secondhand Big Bsa or Nikko . for the money . i was using mine to day on my GC2 ( ready to thrash simon ) it was really cold amd the scope was only reading one yard short at 52 yards ??? HOLLY PS once they know what they are doing . then they can join berty with the big bucks scopes .
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