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Default Having a pop on xmas day?

Originally Posted by holly View Post
It is all subjective mate . you will get all sorts of advice on any forum .1/ you only get what you pay for .2/ everybodys eyes are different . what i like you may not .3/ try as many scopes as you can. for as long as you can . 4/ if buying secondhand get as many extras as you can for your buck . 5/ face to face if at all possible . good luck . HOLLY PS and never bend over in front of berty , ( cause it is only a rumour )

Even on xmas day ur there to TRY and help anyone out. Im suprised u havnt said to go 4 a leup etc?

Regarding the last bit thankfully i hav neva been in the position to walk in on any1 whilst they r changing and then try and change the story haha.

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