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Talking Getting better i think!

I have fitted my 'Junior' cylinder to my Dommie...(Bought off of Pete Sparkes...Thanks Mate lovely)...It definately feels easier to handle, haven't shot any comps yet but i feel confident it will be better!

Pete Dutton is going to remove the 'Lump' of ally on the barrel, including the shroud.(Amongst other things)
Does this make a lot of difference?? that lump heavy'ish?

Can't quite make up my mind about the finish on the end of the shroud, I don't want anything too blingy, there again, if a stripper tends to aid accuracy....I need all the help i can get!

I have already 'Hassled' Pete enough about it...anyone got any ideas?...Or dare i ask any pics??

I can probably fit a stripper after if i feel the need but whilst with Pete, i would prefer it was completed by him, how does the polished end of the shroud look?...What are your thoughts?

Thanks again.
Mike (AKA Spongey)

Hope this is in the right section??....
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