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Default Change from original thread

This thread was started regarding the LG300 being discontinued.

Holly most rifles have to be fettled with as we all know. From Walthers to Anschutz off all models to Air Arms. Everyone has their rifles fettled with one way or another. Alot of people have enough to say about rifles being fettled with to be used competitively dont they.

In my opinion the more British rifle makers out there with good products the better. They would support the sport better then non-UK manufacturers. We only have to look at the thread regarding Steyr not supporting the GP team for 2011 at this time. This might change I dont know but it is easy to see why people get cheesed off when they get nothing to show for the manufacturer they shoot for.

With the Club teams being brought in to the 2011 GP series, people will have something extra to fight for. With regards to sponsorship then, the clubs can look into this for themselves for clothing etc. Clubs like Millride and Tondu have their on hoodies etc to show off the club they shoot for. This in my eyes is superb as for advertising etc it is a great thing to show off.

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