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Default The typical attitude

Originally Posted by holly View Post
You lot are dreaming . if the CRX was any good it would still be shot today , where are all the team daystates now . noway hosay ??? HOLLY PS look at all the old RN10s and pro targets around but not many CRXs .

None of us know only Tony if Daystate are looking to develop and produce a rifle for FT with a mechanical trigger etc.

The Daystates are over 10 years old now and that might be some of the reason they are not being used anymore. There are alot of RN10's and PT's still out there you are right, alot of them have been tweaked and played with mind. Thats why they are still going strong. I like the PT's myself and owned a carbine years ago.

How many old CR-X's were produced after compared to the RN 10's and PT's???

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