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Cool POI Shift in the cold (-1), Steyr LG110 using JSB Express .177 7.9gr

POI Shift in the cold -1, Steyr LG110, JSB Express .177 7.9gr

Just been out in the field practising with my Steyr LG110, using JSB Express .177 7.9gr.
About 14" on snow on the ground at 800 feet in the foothills of Dartmoor.

At 55 yards I needed to add 2 clicks (0.1MRAD) at -1, even so POI was at the bottom of a 40mm kill, so the target was still going down, just need the adjustment to bring POI back to centre.

The XC Skiing is great, I'm thinking about a FT variant of Biathlon for the winters, because this weather looks like it will be the norm for for some years to come.
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