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it's the usual problem of low volume of sales, and high demands placed on the equipment.

i can see it being kudos to an outside company, to develop something that stands the rigours, but only if the sport was understood in a wider context as being a test of kit. Certainly we know scopes that have good standing in other shooting sports, yet aren't seen as so good in FT terms because they get tested so hard.

Perhaps when manufacturers understand FT/HFT, we may get more offerings... i think in some circles it's still seen as perhaps just playing with airguns outdoors... which i suppose is fair comment to the uninformed... and all the tech gear just looks like ******* about. It's when you talk to other shooters from other disciplines, about having one shot at a target of unknown distance, over differing ground, from conditions of -10 to + 40, rain or shine, in 3 positions, with airguns, that they can compare back and see that their disciplines often offer an easier time on the kit.
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