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Default Non-UK rifles

The problems seem to stem with the fact that as already said, FT or HFT does not purchase enough rifles from certain manufacturers for them to support the sport and continue making rifles for us.

It is a shame that Walther will not be making rifles that are suitable for our sports but will only make rifles for 10m etc. Due to the fact this is where they sell more rifles and make more money!!!

You then look at UK rifle manufacturers such as Air Arms and Daystate to see that they put alot of their time and effort into producing rifles for our sports to suit our needs.

When manufacturers dont want to support our sport it is sad to see that their rifles do incredibly well in both sports and yet they will not adapt a rifle to suit. I know it would be costly to them to develop a rifle but when they already have the technology and knowledge of what type of rifle is needed such as the Walther/Steyr then why cant they just ensure that their rifles could still be used for our sports.

I like to see a variation of rifles out there competing in the sports as it shows that there isnt any domination of any 1 rifle etc in the sport.

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