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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Holly only does things 3 ways.

The hard way.

The barmy way.

Or another way that no-one has ever contemplated.

I don't think i'll ever see the salmon turn and swim downstream with the tide to make his life easier, but we'll all be beyond redemption when he leaps the falls and nails it with something that everyone said it shouldn't or couldn't be done with. Thing is, the bugger can bloody well do it.
ROB , you do not realise it , but the madness has already started to grip you . YOUR not shooting your number one outfit . no you are shooting a springer . yes allright it is not the run of the mill springer . but it is still a very difficult thing to shoot well ? your starting to get the results that will bring you nearer the puff gun shooters . you like that . you get satisfaction from that . the madness is closing in . in forty years time . you wil be the new/old holly . nutty as a fruit cake will say the new heroes , that rob is . still shooting that nasty old lg300 . when we have the latest whiz bang MK 6 .trouble is the old boy can do it . we will have to make a complaint to the BFTA . or nick his wheelchair . yeah that will sort the old sod out . ( but it won't ) ??? HOLLY
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "

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